Should your family receive vaccinations?

Current vaccination recommendations, 2019

This post is being updated with the current CDC vaccination recommendations. With a few exceptions for medical reasons I believe all adults should discuss vaccination with their physician and be immunized for any diseases for which they are at risk.

And I recommend that parents do the same for their children and adolescents.


Some questions to ask about vaccines and the immunization process include.

  • What contagious diseases is a person likely to be exposed to?
  • What are the risks of those diseases?
  • What are the risks of a particular vaccine for that person?
  • What are the risks versus benefits to other people?
  • What else can we do to prevent an infection?

Infectious disease control methods

The  developed countries  have eliminated or controlled many of the environmental sources of contagious disease by manipulating our environment.

  • indoor plumbing
  • water treatment facilities
  • screens on windows
  • air purification
  • wear gloves to prepare food
  • inspect restaurants
  • signs in many public restrooms reminding us to wash our hands.
Hand hygiene saves lives.
Hygiene remains vital to infection prevention even when immunizations are given.

However, we have not eliminated another source of infectious disease- and that is other humans.

Rarely do we isolate or quarantine people with infections. Most of us have gone to work, school or social events with symptoms suggestive of infection- a cough, runny nose, upset stomach- putting our friends and colleagues at risk.

Please review these excellent resources on vaccine use

A basic review of  Childhood vaccines  and Adult vaccines from UpToDate, a researched, non- commercial medical publication for doctors and patients

The Science Behind Vaccination from The New York Times

 7 things about vaccines from The Washington Post

Reconsidering vaccination a blog post review of the book The Vaccine Friendly Plan

Voices for Vaccines – a parent-led organization that supports and advocates for on-time vaccination and the reduction of vaccine-preventable disease.

Thanks for reading and sharing this important information about protecting the HEART of health.

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Dr.  Aletha 


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