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Celebrating romance and marriage on Valentine’s Day

One of my Sunday traditions is reading Parade , a magazine in the newspaper. One of my favorite parts is the “Ask Marilyn” column where Marilyn Vos Savant answers complex questions on a wide range of subjects- math, science, technology, economics , games, sports and just about any topic you can imagine. I have wondered how she does it, imagining it must take hours and hours of research.

Last Sunday’s edition solved the mystery. She has one of the highest IQs in the world.

Instead of her column, Parade published an article about how she met her husband. She is married to none other than Dr. Robert Jarvik, developer of the artificial heart. They met when he called her after seeing  a magazine article about her, and had a long distance courtship lasting one year.

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At their wedding, science fiction author Isaac Asimov walked her down the aisle; the best man was the 7th recipient of one of the Jarvik artificial hearts! How’s that for romantic. They have been happily married since 1987.      celebrating romance and marriage

Another couple  featured in the issue, Austin and Jessica were literal childhood sweethearts, having met as toddlers. They and their parents met in a support group- for families of children with Down Syndrome.

With their parents’ support, they have overcome their disability to build a loving , stable marriage- and maybe because he “treats her like a princess.”

Two very different couples who share something special- respect, caring and commitment to the person they love.

As Beatles John and Paul (Lennon and McCartney) told us many years ago,

“All you need is love.”

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It wasn’t Valentine’s Day, but my husband and I shared a romantic dinner in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Dr. Aletha and Raymond 


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