Tomorrow is February 29

Or rather it would be, if this was 2012 or 2016. So for those of you born on February 29, I wish you a happy birthday today. I have a close relative who was born on February 29, so we only get to celebrate her actual birth date every four years. We usually do it today and she doesn’t seem to mind that it is not the correct date.   My friend’s mother was born on February 29 , 96 years ago. She has had 24 birthdays so far. I can somewhat sympathize with people born on February 29. My birthday is within a week of Christmas, December 25, so I often feel like I have a non-birthday- it can easily get overlooked. When I was a child , my mother had a tough time holding a birthday party for me, because everyone was too busy, or had already left to spend Christmas at grandma’s house. Maybe that’s why this story about an autistic boy’s birthday especially touches my heart, And because another autistic child is very close to my heart.