Sunday Words- Proverbs 14:30

Proverbs 14 and a quote from John Ortberg#JohnOrtberg #Lightstock#CommonEnglishBible

A wise woman builds her house,
while a foolish woman tears hers down with her own hands.
Pride sprouts in the mouth of a fool,
but the lips of the wise protect them.
8 By their wisdom the prudent understand their way,
but the stupidity of fools deceives them.
14 Rebellious hearts receive satisfaction from their ways;
the good receive the due reward for their deeds.
15 The naive believe anything,
but the prudent give thought to their steps.
16 The wise are careful and avoid evil,
but fools become excited and overconfident.
21 Those who despise their neighbors are sinners,
but happy are those who are kind to the needy.
29 Patience leads to abundant understanding,
but impatience leads to stupid mistakes.
30 A peaceful mind gives life to the body,
but jealousy rots the bones.
“John Ortberg is the senior pastor at Menlo Church. John’s teaching centers around how faith in Christ can impact our everyday lives with God. He has written books on spiritual formation including, The Life You’ve Always WantedWho is This Man?The Me I Want To BeSoul Keeping, and most recently, All The Places To Go. John teaches around the world at conferences and churches.” (affiliate links used)

Dr. Charles Krauthammer on circus elephants, eating meat, and moral choices

“One measure of human moral progress-amid and despite the savageries we visit upon each other-is how we treat the innocent in our care. ” Charles Krauthammer

Dr. Krauthammer writes for  for The Washington Post and his essays are “a kind of exotic indulgence” to use his own phrase. He uses words the way Andrea Bocelli uses songs, or B.B. King used a guitar- all masters of their craft.

Most of his pieces are serious and somber,  understandable considering that he tackles such dark subjects as terrorism, war, government corruption, and social injustice. But occasionally he takes a lighter approach to subjects which are important on a different level.

Free Willy!

Such is this piece in which he predicts the demise of meat-eating, most likely for economic reasons. But  medical studies do suggest vegetarian diets are  healthier,  may lower the risk of colon cancer, and may promote  weight loss better than other diets.

fresh vegetables-lettuce, tomatoes, radishes
Will we stop eating meat?

This article may make you laugh, applaud, growl, or  just dismiss the whole thing as irrelevant. But might we all agree on one point?

“One measure of human moral progress-amid and despite the savageries we visit upon each other-is how we treat the innocent in our care. ” 

Dr. Charles Krauthammer
Asian elephants entertaining tourists in Thailand
Asian elephants entertaining tourists in Thailand


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exploring the HEART of health with Charles Krauthammer

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