Thank you to all who have served Old Glory. Happy Flag Day!

flags flying over the Vietnam Veterans Memorial travelling replica of “The Wall”

On Flag Day, June 14, we commemorate the adoption of the American flag. For more than 200 years, Old Glory has served as a symbol of our nation’s freedom and as a source of pride for our citizens. In patriotic parades and musical salutes, we support our local military units and recognize the significance of the stars and stripes.

Flag Day is a time to reflect on our freedoms and the principles of our great nation for which the flag stands. It is also a time to protect Old Glory. Protection of our flag impairs no one’s free speech. It does not prevent ideas from being expressed. It involves no censorship of an idea. Fly your red, white and blue today and every day to honor and celebrate our freedoms and opportunities as Americans.

On Flag Day, I stand with more than 800,000 American Legion Auxiliary members across the nation as we honor our servicemen and women and reflect on their commitment to our country.

The American Legion Auxiliary’s members have dedicated themselves for nearly a century to meeting the needs of our nation’s veterans, military and their families both here and abroad. They volunteer millions of hours annually, with a value of nearly $2 billion. As part of the world’s largest women’s patriotic service organization, Auxiliary volunteers across the country also step up to honor veterans and military through annual scholarships and with ALA Girls State programs, teaching young Junior members to be leaders grounded in patriotism and Americanism. To learn more about the Auxiliary’s mission or to volunteer, donate or join, visit

( information provided by  the American Legion Auxiliary national headquarters)

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