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Listen to the Daily Audio Bible with me

Here is a new year’s resolution I hope you will try. Listen to or read the Bible with me this year.  There are many ways to read the Bible but I invite you to join me in listening to the Bible at Daily Audio Bible.       It’s easy, fun, and exciting.



Brian Hardin reads the Bible every single day- a selection from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms, and Proverbs, so that he completes the Bible in one year. He and his team offer a unique Bible reading/listening opportunity.

And Brian doesn’t just read the Bible; he explains it, comments on its relevance to our world today, and encourages us to apply it to our lives and to share its good news with our friends and family.


Besides English, several other languages are available, including Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic, and others.IMG_2660.png


There are special versions for KIDS and TEENS,

a daily Psalm and a daily Proverb.






There are several formats available




                                                           A mobile app




Web player and Podcast

With some versions, you can also read along while you listen and you can enter your thoughts in a journal.  You can bookmark favorites. It even checks off the episodes you have listened to. Isn’t that helpful? IMG_2663.png













I’ve been listening for several years, and am especially excited this year because the DAB team has just released this updated version, for which I was honored to be a beta tester.


One of the best parts -DAB offers this wonderful opportunity free of charge.

You pay nothing for the app and use of the web site.

Of course, it costs money to produce something of this quality;  generous donations and the sale of books and other items on the website fund the project.





So please use the links above to check it out- you have nothing to lose. I’ll check in with you in a few weeks to ask how it’s going or you can let me know now.

Brian Hardin is a music producer,  ordained minister and author of several books including









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Thanks for your time and interest .

Sincerely, Dr. Aletha 




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