Welcome to Watercress Words

by family physician Dr. Aletha Cress Oglesby,

exploring and sharing the HEART of health in ways that are

like  watercress -unique, zesty, and nutritious.

I  help people navigate health care with information and inspiration to transform health challenges into health opportunities.


What you will find at watercress words

I believe true health encompasses all aspects of our lives working together to help us achieve our dreams and help others do the same.

My blog aims to help you find what makes and keeps you healthy, well, fit, and flourishing.

So pick a topic and start exploring and sharing watercress words

My goal is to transform the way we think about and pursue health as we explore and share the HEART of HEALTH

Why watercress?

Watercress is one of several types of cress, edible green plants that grow near water. Although not widely eaten in today’s diets, nutrition experts tell us it’s rich in vitamins and minerals and may play a role in cancer prevention and controlling high blood pressure and diabetes, the two most prevalent chronic diseases. So the title Watercress Words seemed to fit a health blog; and besides, my family name is Cress.

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an ekg tracing shaped like a heart
exploring and sharing the HEART of HEALTH


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6 thoughts on “Welcome to Watercress Words”

  1. How interesting about your name and watercress. For my job, I’m a health writer, trying to distill medical journal info so the consumer can benefit. So I appreciate your blog and how you are trying to help people!


  2. I enjoy following blogs from christians in the mid west mainly Ok. and Ks.. I thought I had read that you were from that area. If so I hope that you have been safe and dry during these past few week. I pray for that area often.


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