Welcome to  Watercress Words

the HEART of HEALTH- a heart and a stethoscope

Welcome to Watercress Words,

a blog that explores and shares the HEART  of health,

like  watercress -unique, zesty,  and nutritious.

I’m Dr. Aletha Cress Oglesby, a family physician and I write this blog.

In my career I have cared for patients from conception through the end of life.

I  help my patients and blog readers to  navigate their health care challenges by giving them information and inspiration to make wise health care choices.


Why watercress? My maiden name is Cress, and when I learned it is a word in the dictionary I was intrigued .

Watercress is one of several types of cress, edible green plants that grow near water and are nutritious. Water is vital to health. So the title Watercress Words seemed to fit a health blog in several ways.

If you are looking for a no nonsense health blog that offers practical, well researched medical information but also has an open mind to the new and unexplored,  you’ve come to the right place. I include discussions about

  • common and less common medical conditions and treatments
  • medical and healthcare history and news
  • books and other media about health and medicine
  • stories about real doctors and patients
  • and sound  answers to the questions-“What is health and how can we be and stay healthy?”

My goal is to  inform and inspire you as we all

explore and share the HEART of HEALTH.

Try these 17 Watercress Recipes from Martha Stewart

watercress leaves on bread

Get to know me and contact me at this link-         Dr. Aletha

an ekg tracing shaped like a heart


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