Meet this blogger, Dr. Aletha

Hello. I am Dr. Aletha Cress Oglesby; welcome to  Watercress Words, a blog that explores the HEART of HEALTH.

I am a family physician, so I spend a lot of time thinking about health, and helping people with their health. But I believe  before we can work on health, we should understand  exactly

“What is health?”

“What does it mean to be healthy?”

“How do we become healthy and stay healthy?”


I don’t claim to have the definitive answers to these questions but  I will offer my thoughts and observations,and those of other people who ponder these questions.

I’ll discuss current issues regarding health and health care,

offer insight into illness and the way we try to treat it, and

review the vast amount of recommendations for preventing illness and staying well.


So this blog will inform, instruct and inspire you as we all explore the HEART of HEALTH


Oklahoma University baseball game
watching an OU Sooners baseball game ; we love following our school’s sports


I graduated from the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine and  Family Medicine residency  and  am board certified in Family Medicine. I have practiced in a large group practice, small group practice,hospitals, emergency room, urgent care clinic, nursing home wound management and on volunteer medical  teams overseas. I’ve even been a kids’ camp doctor. And I’m also a wife, mother, grandmother and ballroom dancer. I am a committed Christian, so you will see me share some faith messages here. Whatever you believe, I think you will find them thought provoking and inspirational.



clinic in Panama
We love to serve people in other cultures



Contact me or ask me a health question  HERE

You can also find me here-


As an Arbonne Independent Consultant I promote pure, safe, and beneficial skin, hair,cosmetic and nutritional products 

(purchases at this Arbonne link generate income to me,  thank you for considering. )

dressed for ballroom dance competition







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