Meet Dr. Aletha

I am Dr. Aletha, or sometimes called Dr. O.

I practice family medicine and write this health blog.

a woman, Dr. Aletha Oglesby

How I learn and work

I graduated from the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine and  Family Medicine residency  and  am board certified in Family Medicine.

I have worked in a variety of settings-family practice clinic, hospital, emergency and urgent care clinics, nursing homes, rural and city.

How I play

Besides exploring health, I like to explore the world.

With our young sons, my husband and I took yearly summer vacations – to theme parks, national parks, historic sites, and winter snow ski trips.  They are adults now but we still get to enjoy occasional trips with them, including a trip to Disney World with our two grandchildren.

When they left home, my husband and I traded in our skis for ballroom dance shoes, took lessons, and now dance socially and in competitions.

How I help

We also donate time to worthy causes involving computer technology and medicine in numerous countries-VietNam, Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina, Paraguay, Panamá, Zanzibar, to name a few. We enjoy meeting, working with and learning from people in other cultures; we gain as much as we give.

We volunteer at our church and  support fund raisers for local charities.

My husband Raymond served our country in the U.S. Army . To support other veterans we belong to The American Legion and The American Legion Auxiliary.

As a member of my local DAR, Daughters of the American Revolution, chapter, I am  passionate about community service, preserving history, educating children,literacy, conservation, and honoring and supporting our military service members.

Arbonne International Products

I am an  Arbonne Independent Consultant.
Arbonne offers personal care products that are “pure, safe, and beneficial”.  You can learn more about that at my website.

The Arbonne Charitable Foundation provides support for programs and opportunities that promote the development of confidence and self‑esteem in teenage girls and boys.

Write to me

I would love to know more about you, so please write and tell me about you, your blog if you have one, and what you would like to learn here.

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