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You will find links to outside sources on almost every blog post. I use them to increase the value of the content I create and to help support this blog.

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These link to  references  for  post content and  trusted sources for additional information. I choose these carefully and encourage you to judge their merit yourself. Neither I nor this blog derive any compensation for referring you to these sources.

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Links to non-profit sites  may ask you to donate. Linking is for your information and does not imply endorsement. I encourage you to investigate before committing your time or money.

Blog Funding

Health care is not free, and neither is this blog.  You don’t pay(directly) to read it, but there is a cost to produce it.

WordPress WordAds, the official advertising program.

These ads are managed by WordPress so I can concentrate on creating content, not negotiating with advertisers. WordPress only allows high quality, family friendly ads. Please visit those  advertisers which interest you.

Product affiliate links


I think everyone shops at Amazon, I certainly do. I like finding things there I can’t find anywhere else, as well as reasonable prices on everyday purchases, and the convenience of  home delivery .

“We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.”

There are links on Watercress Words directly to products mentioned here, such as all the books I review,  but you are welcome to shop for anything on Amazon


Lightstock, a stock photo site, has an extensive collection of quality photos, graphics, and videos. Many of the photos I use here are from Lightstock.

With a free account you can get a weekly free photo. There are different options for purchasing products . Subscribers get extra complimentary photos, graphics, and videos.

Please review what they offer at this link.

Faithful Bloggers

Faithful Bloggers offers on-line writing and blogging courses which you can review and enroll in at  this link.

Faithful Bloggers .

They also have a free website with many complimentary writing and blogging resources.

Barnes and Noble

Barnes and Noble, online bookstore and home of the Nook reader (which I use).

The books I review here are available from Barnes and Noble.

Check here often for specials through the links below.