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Faithful Bloggers

Faithful Bloggers offers online writing and blogging courses which you can review at this link.They also have a free website with many complimentary writing and blogging resources.

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Barnes and Noble, online bookstore and home of the Nook reader (which I use) offers specials through the links listed here.

Barnes & Noble – Free Shipping of $25+

Barnes & Noble – Explore Barnes & Noble’s Coupons & Deals!

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Evan Moore

About Evan-Moor:
For over 35 years, Evan-Moor has been helping children learn by  creating  materials for the classroom and at-home enrichment materials for children ages 4 – 14 or grades PreK-8th grade. Evan-Moor titles have been used in over one million U.S. classrooms and over 90 countries worldwide.

a little girl with a big backpack standing next to a yellow school bus

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They offer over 400 titles across subject areas including, language arts, reading, writing, math, science, social studies and the arts ,available in print and digital format, based on the latest standards and educational best practices. -A Community of Independent Local Bookstores 

Support Independent Bookstores - Visit

Adagio Teas 

Discover the superior taste and aroma of farm-fresh teas.  Loose, bagged or iced, enjoy Adagio Teas’ hundreds of artisan tea varieties, and imaginative tea-brewing accessories. Free shipping with $49 order

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