The University of Oklahoma- where my medical journey began- Tuesday Travels

Art from the University of Oklahoma , my alma mater

The original post at this link concerned an ugly racist incident at the University of Oklahoma  years ago.  The university administration lead by President David Boren, promptly investigated and held the perpetrators (students)   accountable. Those involved apologized, and  made restitution.   

Administration, faculty, and students together pledged to make changes to prevent further incidents. Unfortunately other incident occurred at the start of the 2022 fall semester involving a football coach-who was promptly fired. 

cabinet, chairs, sculpture
art display in Hester Hall, home of the College of International studies

I  removed the description of the incident and replaced it with a gallery of campus art that I believe  represents the true spirit of the University of Oklahoma.

I took these photos during visits to the campus in Norman, Oklahoma, about 30 miles south of Oklahoma City.


“State of Grace”, artist Robert Taylor


Native American pottery










“The Guardian”




And The Bizzell Memorial Library, named by Architectural Digest as one of the 18 most stunning college libraries in the world  

University of Oklahoma campus library

exploring the HEART of learning

Dr Aletha

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