Giving Thanks Always

When I started blogging I reviewed many other medical blogs since I knew next to nothing about blogging. I fell in love with a blog by a Swedish immigrant doctor who writes about his lengthy career practicing medicine in rural Maine. He calls it appropriately A Country Doctor Writes, because that’s what he is.

I guess I’m American enough, after spending ten more years here than in Sweden, to start to get a little philosophical at Thanksgiving. I spent my first Thanksgiving in this country not far from where the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock, as an exchange student with a Jewish family, three houses down from an African American family in an otherwise white Anglo Saxon distant suburb of Boston.

Continue at the link to read his thoughts about this traditional holiday in his adopted country. And enjoy my photographs from visits to other parts of rural America.

Another Thanksgiving Reflection

by Hans Duvevelt, MD

photos by Dr. Aletha
The above photos were shot at
  • upper left corner- near Canon City, Colorado
  • lower left corner-Chandler, Oklahoma
  • middle right-Madrid, New Mexico
  • all others -rural northeast Georgia

sharing the HEART of thankfulness

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Dr Aletha

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