What are your kids reading? Try a book about health.

 Here are suggestions for books about health for kids.  (This post contains affiliate links; if you purchase something at the link, this blog may earn a commission; thanks. )

One of the most important ways you

can help your child learn is by reading to him or her.

statue of boy reading a book

a statue in Oklahoma dedicated to the children who died in the Murrah Building bombing 1995

Calm Girl: Yoga for Stress Relief (Yoga for You)

By Rebecca Rissman.

Having a hard time finding your inner Calm Girl? Set the stress aside with relaxing yoga stretches and holds. In no time you’ll find a soothing escape to relax, stay calm, and get in shape all at once.


Are You What You Eat?

by DK

Help your child better understand how food fuels and affects our bodies in Are You What You Eat? a book that uses color and fun presentation to communicate nutritional information in a fun and eye-catching way.

Kids learn to see their food as more than just taste, learning things like which foods will make you sleepy, how to tell if you’re hungry or full, and why our bodies need nutrition. Teach your kids the basics about proteins, taste buds, antioxidants, and more food facts with Are You What You Eat?

fresh vegetables-lettuce, tomatoes, radishes



Because nutritional information is presented through quizzes, questions, facts, and pictures, children are eager to learn from Are You What You Eat? They’ll be guided through food facts, how the digestive system works, and how to make smart choices about food and nutrition.

Are You What You Eat? may even help picky eaters become a little more adventurous come meal time.


I Have a Cavity (Rookie Read-About Health)

by Lisa Herrington

The books in this series help young readers learn about the best ways to stay healthy. They also offer a comforting introduction to what might happen when something unexpected—like a cold or a broken arm—comes along. They give an early introduction to science topics thank to the wonderful see-inside illustrations and easy to understand text.



Ellie Bean the Drama Queen is an insightful picture book that helps children with sensory issues, and the adults around them, understand what they are going through.  Sometimes Ellie Bean seems like she is being difficult, when she realy has a sensory issue that can be overcome quite easily!
And here are some  book suggestions for adults.