6 steps to losing weight and gaining hope

In  previous posts I   defined obesity  and explained how it adversely affects health.

What is obesity and why does it matter? 

Waist size matters

BMI Chart created by Vertex42.com. Used with permission.
BMI Chart created by Vertex42.com. Used with permission.



And acknowledged that losing weight is difficult, often unsuccessful for a variety of reasons, and in need of  new avenues to address the problem.

Obesity revisited



But most people who are overweight just want to lose the excess weight and often are not that concerned about the health risk if they don’t. No wonder the weight loss business is a multi-million (billion?) industry. When patients  ask me for weight loss help, I tell  them if I knew a 100% successful method for losing weight, I would be wealthy, and probably not  working anymore. I have patients who successfully lose weight, with and without my help, and unfortunately just as many who don’t. Most of the ones who lose weight do it simply-

  • They change what, how much, and how they cooked and ate.
  • They start,increase, and continue being physically active.
jogging trail sign
Parks with trails help people stay active.


In the May 2015 issue of American Family Physician, a  doctor shared the story of a woman whose life events made her feel sad and overwhelmed; she turned to food for comfort.  Combined with a sedentary lifestyle, she gained weight. After a health scare, she took her doctor’s advice to see a nutritionist and begin exercising- 10 minutes daily.




For her emotional turmoil she turned to a counsellor, her rabbi and friends. “I saw a counselor every week who let me cry and express my emotions.” As  her sadness lessened, she felt more motivated to take better care of herself. Here is what she did to continue her journey into fitness and weight loss.

  1. Remove junk food from the house; replace with healthier choices.
  2. Keep chopped up fruit and vegetables available in the refrigerator.
  3. Bake, broil, poach, or steam meats and vegetables.
  4. Eat from small plates.
  5. Try different activities- walking, dancing, fitness DVDs,
  6. Find a role model to inspire you.




She also advises- “Do a good deed, no matter how small, every day. Nothing will taste as good as it feels to watch another person appreciate your mitzvah” ( mitzvah- a good deed) 

Close-ups: Losing Weight and Motivating Others – American Family Physician

I would love to hear my readers’  tips for weight management and fitness. Please share by leaving a comment.

Author: Aletha Cress Oglesby, M.D.

I am a family physician who loves to write about the HEART of HEALTH. On my blog, Watercress Words, I inform and inspire us in healthy living. My ideas come from my training, experiences, medical practice, personal life, and medicine in the media. There's always something new and interesting to explore in the world of health and medicine.

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