Share the HEART of health

My goal for this blog is to inform and inspire us all to explore the HEART of health in our lives, and the lives of our families and communities. But beyond that, my the mission for this blog is

to share the HEART of health with people all over the world,

especially those who face hardship due to poverty, isolation, discrimination, political turmoil, hunger, homelessness, human rights violations, and natural disasters.

WATERCRESSWORDS.COM-exploring the HEART of health
and always sharing the HEART of health

That’s why I write about individuals and organizations who are on the front lines of bringing the HEART of health to those who most need it, and often have little to no access to it.

I hope you will read these stories, and when one touches your heart, consider learning more about their work, and  helping.

Many of them need and welcome volunteers.

They all need and welcome financial support.

drawing of a laptop with GIVE on the screen