Making Life Easier

Hello, welcome to my page where I share services and products that help make my life easier and I think will do the same for you.

Some of these are affiliate links, which means if you go to the site and make a purchase, often any purchase, that site will pay this blog a commission, which will be used to fund this blog’s expenses and it’s charitable donations. I may or may not have used these services/products myself but think they may make life easier for someone else.

I also share things I use that I believe may make your life easier too. I don’t make money from sharing these, although in some cases I may personally receive credits for free products or discounts.

On this page I’m listing some resources, and some have their own page which you can access on the Watercress Words home page.

Hello Fresh

“Take the stress out of meal time with America’s most popular meal kit. “

My husband and I started using Hello Fresh meal kits 2 years ago and have not looked back. The meals are easy to prepare, filling, nutritious, and tasty. We love the variety of choices and the convenience of home delivery. We waste less food and don’t overeat.

We appreciate that Hello Fresh is committed to sustainability by minimizing packaging which is almost all recyclable. They help communities fight food insecurity by donating meals, 4 million in 2020.

Try Hello Fresh, there’s no long term committment, you can skip weeks or cancel anytime. Use the link in the HELLO FRESH name above and get started eating easier and better.


The marketplace for faith-based design- Stock photos, videos, ready-made graphics and templates

Lightstock is a two-sided marketplace that collects, curates, and licenses stock content to the faith-based community. However their products cover such a wide range of topics that they fit multiple secular themes as well. They even stress that their products are “non-cheesy” and they aren’t.

a stone sidewalk with overlying words-responsibility, society, freedom, liberty
from Lightstock

Browse many of the posts on my blog and you will find Lightstock photos and graphics, many of which you would never know come from a “faith-based” site. And there are some that do carry that message I hope. This is an affiliate site that I do use and recommend. An account is free, you can purchase a subscription, or buy individual credits.

cheesy-free faith-focused stock photos

Lightstock-quality photos and graphics site- here. 

(This is an affiliate link)