The doctor will NOT see you NOW

Why doctors run behind-could it be their patients? #WhyIsMyDoctorAlwaysLate

Among the things about medical practice that both patients and physicians dislike, probably the most annoying is tardiness. We have all (and I mean me also) waited much too long in doctors’ waiting rooms and/or exam rooms. Sometimes I don’t mind waiting, at a doctor’s office or anywhere else. It may be the only few minutes of the day I get to sit, relax, read a magazine, or catch up on Words With Friends on my phone. But no one likes having their time wasted.

There are probably as many reasons why doctors run late as there are doctors. Sometimes it’s patient load, practice style, support staff, interruptions, electronic medical records, hospital rounds, emergencies, scheduling pattern.

In this engaging article , Dr. Sanaz Majd describes  a typical family physician’s day- running late of course.

via House Call Doctor : Why Is My Doctor Always Late? :: Quick and Dirty Tips ™.


I once worked with a physician who was habitually late; but his patients didn’t seem to mind, they were loyal, and he always had a full schedule. He took his time and patients knew that when it was their turn, they had his full attention for however long it took.

Ultimately you have to decide how important punctuality is to you and choose your physician accordingly. And if your usually prompt doctor occasionally runs behind, I hope you will be understanding, knowing next time you may be the patient who caused the delay.

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