Sunday Words from Jeremiah the Prophet


Guest commentary by Jeremy Scott Wilson, B.A., Biblical and Theological Studies; currently pursuing Master of Arts in Theological Studies and Church History. He blogs at Awakening to basics .

Jeremiah 29:11 

This is one of the most misused verses in the Bible, but the comfort this verse offers is far deeper than the out of context promise often given to graduates.

This was a specific promise given to specific people as opposed to a universal promise to mankind, and it was made to them while God was destroying their nation, tearing down the Temple, and sending the people into 70 years of captivity in a foreign land. Families were torn apart, people were enslaved; those left behind in a desolate homeland struggled to survive starvation. This was the setting of the promise.

But the promise God gave them was- no matter how bad things were about to get, God had a plan and He would not abandon them forever. 

The same God who promised Israel their suffering would end, and they would come into a brighter future because of the refining they would experience,  is the same God who brings us into the covenant promises. No matter what fire we are in, if it is the Lord’s chastisement we are enduring, God  will bring us into a better future if we allow the fire to purify us. When you feel like giving up, endure. Israel suffered for 70 years to receive this promise, we can endure whatever length we must as well. And the glory of the latter house will surpass the glory of the former.

Jeremiah 29

Words worth sharing- Shelley and Jeremy on dancing, helping and having fun

“When God has given you a gift…..” 

One of the best parts of our ballroom dancing hobby has been the people we meet and the  relationships we develop. Dancing is a social activity, so it is not surprising that ballroom dancers tend to be involved in many community activities , especially those that support causes that improve people’s lives.

Such was the case when some local professional dance instructors teamed up with teachers and staff of a local school for at risk students to perform in a “Dancing with the Stars” type of event, complete with dinner, open dancing and a dance competition.  We voted for our favorite couple by donating to the school, each dollar equalled one vote. There was fierce but friendly competition since everyone’s main objective was helping the school provide quality education to students who might otherwise fail in the educational system.

Jeremy and Shelley’s promo video is typical of the sentiments of all the performers; and Jeremy expresses an attitude that we can apply to our lives daily.

“When God has given you a gift, when he puts something within you; He doesn’t give it to you just for you to enjoy; it’s for you to be a blessing to others. “

Please comment and tell what gift you are sharing.

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