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Voluntourism – Helpful Aid Or Just A Warm Fuzzie?

Master of Something Yet   posted an interesting piece about the value of volunteering  while travelling in other cultures.

Voluntourism – Helpful Aid Or Just A Warm Fuzzie?.

I’ve written here about some of my volunteer trips; based on my experiences I agree with this blogger’s observations. Some of the groups I worked with met these criteria better than others; those are the ones I worked with a second time.

I encourage you to volunteer, either abroad or in your community.

a basic construction site with bricks

volunteers helping locals to build a medical clinic


a well in a remote site

a community well built and donated by a relief agency and donated



Interested in voluntourism? Here’s what to look for

(summary of points in the article)

◊ Is the company offering the project a reputable, well-established company?

◊ Has the project been established in consultation with the local community?

◊ Is the project of lasting benefit?

◊ Is the project sustainable?

◊ Does the project employ local people?

◊ Where is your money going?




If the opportunity doesn’t measure up, look for something else. There are plenty out there that  need your help.

A local nurse assisted me with a patient encounter in Thailand

A local nurse assisted me with a patient encounter in Thailand

And how often do doctors volunteer their knowledge and skills? Find out here.