Honoring Our Veterans 

In the United States we reserve November 11, the date of the Armistice of World War I, as Veterans Day, to remember and honor all who do or have served in our armed forces.

The Veterans Administration provides benefits to veterans including health care. The VA Health Care System, or VHA,  one of the largest in the world, not only cares for veterans’ health, but also  provides medical education and medical research.

If you have ever received care from a physician who trained in the United States, that doctor likely learned from a veteran in a VHA facility. So our veterans continue to serve even after they leave military service. 

Welcome home heroes sign on a VA clinic
a Veterans Administration clinic

Today I am sharing several stories about veterans. Enjoy them, and make  time to thank veterans this week.

Please use the comment section to leave a tribute to a veteran you admire. 

disabled veteran patch

I believe your heart will be touched by this  story about the special relationship between  a wounded veteran and his therapy dog. Mine certainly was.

Welcome home and thank you for your service.a story about my husband’s experience as a Vietnam veteran

veterans memorial
Vietnam Veterans Memorial replica

Memorial Day at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Angel Fire, New Mexico

a special Memorial Day observance at a unique veterans memorial

Vietnam Women's memorial
memorial statue at Angel Fire museum

A veteran dishes out love– personal reflections from a Vietnam veteran

clowns entertain Vietnamese people
A veteran and his wife clown for people at a humanitarian outreach in Vietnam.

Father-son veterans serve in a unique way– how a father honors his son’s memory

two soldiers statue
a statue in Canon City Colorado