How to recover from injury or surgery- advice from a physical therapist

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Another physician blogger, Kristin Prentiss Ott, M.D., asked her physical therapist friend Dr. Carolyn Dolan to write a guest post on her blog, Blog Therapy.  I want to share it with you.


The post offers advice to aid recovery after orthopedic injuries and surgery, but I think you can apply it to any illness, injury, or surgery. As always, you should check with the doctor managing your care before trying anything .

I’ll comment on the  points from the post ; a direct  link to the post will follow.

Move often and safely.

Good advice for everyone, injured or not. Many health experts believe that lack of physical activity is as much a health risk as poor diet or even smoking.




Ask for help.

This one is hard for me, as I tend to think I can manage on my own and don’t want to inconvenience someone else. When I fell and broke my foot, I  learned to ask for help. And people were happy to do so.


Drinking bone broth.

That’s a new concept for me, although I’ve cooked soups and stews with chicken and beef on the bone, so it’s not really as strange as it sounds at first.


Eat real food.

To me, that means fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains, and reasonable amounts of lean meats, poultry and fish. Limiting sugar. Using healthy oils like olive. Save the junk food for a once in a while “treat” if you really want it.

well balanced meal
Eat a variety of fresh foods every day







Get out in the sun.

This doesn’t mean to lay out for hours getting tanned or burned. But the sun helps our bodies make Vitamin D. Also, natural light can help with mood and sleep regulation.




Get enough rest and sleep.

Too many of us treat sleep like a luxury instead of a necessity. Most chronic tiredness is due to sleep deprivation,  not anemia, low thyroid or adrenal fatigue.


Here’s the complete article- thank you Dr. Kristen and Dr. Carolyn.

6 Tips to Optimize Recovery After Orthopedic Injury/Surgery (Guest Post) – Kristin Prentiss Ott, M.D..

Author: Aletha Cress Oglesby, M.D.

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