Finding Holiday Joy Amid the Grief


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Although this season brings  fun and festivities, many of our friends  find it hard to feel joyful when their hearts are heavy with grief.

Whether from a  recent loss, or  one many years ago, grieving for the loved ones who won’t be here to celebrate with us can dampen our holiday spirit and  lead to depression. 

  • I think of my friend  and her adult children who recently lost their  husband and father.
  • I remember my friends who tragically lost their teen aged daughter in a car wreck just a few days before Christmas many years ago.
  • I consider my newly married friend who is battling cancer.
  • Another friend is struggling financially due to the downturn in his oil producing business.
  • And my husband and I  feel the loss of our parents and siblings at Christmas even after many years

As one friend wrote-

“This is my second Christmas without my husband.  It has been tough, but also a reminder that God is the god of all comfort. That works for me. And… it is a reminder to pray comfort to anyone who has faced a loss of a loved one including precious pets. Loss from any source needs a comforting friend.”

If you know someone who needs a “comforting friend”,  please take the time to reach out to them so they know someone cares and they are not alone.

Whatever your situation,  you may find some helpful suggestions in this article from the WebMD archives

Finding Holiday Joy Amid the Grief

My family and I wish all of you health and wholeness in

body, mind and spirit.

Merry Christmas from Dr. Aletha and Raymond
love from Dr. Aletha and Raymond