Happy New Year 2021

Thank you for joining me to say good by, and good riddance, to 2020. Although as bad as it was, I hope we all learned something from the roller coaster ride that year was. And we’re not out of the amusement park yet, but at least we’re seeing the exit sign ahead.

To start the year, I thought I would suggest you review or read for the first time some previous posts that address something “new”, especially since I have so many new followers, which I appreciate immensely.

This bright new year is given to me to live each day with zest-William Arthur Ward
William Arthur Ward- author and pastor
a women eating from a plate of food on a able, cannot see her face

New insights into irritable bowel syndrome

The symptoms of IBS are not unique , making diagnosis difficult since it can be confused with other conditions. Women are diagnosed with IBS more often than men, and onset of symptoms after age 50 years is unusual (although it may have been present and unrecognized. )

a medical person holding a stethoscope

The surprising new doctors caring for you

Who will be your next doctor? What will your future doctor look like?

Your doctor within the next 10-20 years is likely in medical school or a residency program in a United States medical center right now. Within 1-10 years, they will join the ranks of practicing physicians, while some currently in practice will change to a non-clinical job, retire, or die.

University of Oklahoma campus library

Meet Dr. Aletha in Oklahoma, the Sooner state

Oklahoma, the Sooner State Here’s an introduction to my home state and my alma mater, the University of Oklahoma. Taken together, Oklahoma Sooners reflects our state’s American Indian and pioneer heritage and, today, symbolizes a special university spirit that values resilience and perseverance as well as the inclusivity that unites all who are a part … Continue reading “Meet Dr. Aletha in Oklahoma, the Sooner state”

This last post isn’t new exactly, but if you are new to this blog, and to me, it will help you get to know me. I’d love to know you too, so leave a comment, or send me a message. I’m always

exploring the HEART of health

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