How to stay safe and well this summer

In this post I share some information and inspiration for staying safe and healthy this summer.


In this post I’ll share some resources on staying safe and healthy this summer.

Check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, website for advice and possible medical restrictions on travel, particularly if travelling outside the United States.

This information is current as of the publication date; it is general medical information that helps doctors and patients make decisions about what is right for them. Medical recommendations and practice changes as we learn new things. Discuss with your physician or appropriate healthcare provider .

Summer often means travel, and no one wants their vacation spoiled by getting sick. So here is some helpful advice from the New York Times health blog on how to avoid illness, especially if travelling abroad.

Staying Healthy While Travelling The Globe 

couple with llamas
up close with llamas at Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

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The best sunscreen:questions answered

Two pediatricians  at Two Peds in a Pod explain how to use sunscreen to prevent sunburn
Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen
Hawaiian Tropic Sunscreen

Dehydration: Risks and Myths 

In another New York Times article , health writer Jane Brody explains how much water we need to drink to stay hydrated; it may not be what you think.

Why not commit to giving up tobacco use this summer? Here are

7 surprising reasons to be smoke free

along the walking trail at 7 FALLS near Colorado Springs Colorado
And summer is a great time to catch up on some useful reading.

What are you reading? book suggestions for health and fitness

statue of boy reading a book
Keep your kids busy in the summer with library visits and books to read.

exploring the HEART of a healthy summer

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