Health tips for spring you can use now

Remember it’s Spring forward and Fall back to Daylight Saving Time. Your body will tell the difference until your sleep cycle adjusts; I know mine always does.

Remember it’s Spring forward to Daylight Saving Time

Most of the United States will change to Daylight Saving Time on Sunday March 8, 2020.

So you will either be going to bed an hour later than usual, or awakening an hour earlier.

Either way, your body will tell the difference until your sleep cycle adjusts; I know mine always does.  WebMD offers these tips to make the change easier.

And if you have persistent problems with sleep, consider the tips in this post.

Expert advice to sleep well every night.

a bed with ornate headboard
photo by Dr. Aletha- at the Hemingway House, Key West, Florida

Welcome Spring

We will welcome the  first day of Spring, March 20,  in the northern hemisphere, with the occurrence of the vernal equinox. The amount of daylight we enjoy will continue increasing until the summer solstice, the day with the most hours of sunlight.

This link to The Weather Channel explains what the vernal equinox means.

graphic of the earth explaining equinox and solstice
original source not known


At this link, I tell you how to stay safe and well this spring and summer.

Spring health risks to prepare for now

a dogwood tree in bloom
In Oklahoma, dogwood trees bloom in the spring.

exploring the HEART of health through spring and summer


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