Protecting our children- what parents need to know


Do you feel as angry as I do when you hear yet another  news story  about adults, usually men, who sexually abuse children and adolescents? Almost every newscast on television reports a new incident, if not nationally, but here in my own community. And I don’t live in a high crime area.

Even assuming that some,maybe many of the perpetrators are mentally ill, the numbers  seem staggering.   I wonder, how can our society do better? How can we adults protect vulnerable children?


Too many children are being abused; we need to protect them.

graphic from Child Sexual Abuse  U.S. National Library of Medicine


Thankfully, smart people are working on solutions but in the meantime all of us who have children, grandchildren or other children in our care must do whatever we can to be the first line of defense.

One mother’s story

This  article by Stacy Harrison ,who blogs at Revisions of Grandeur ,caught my attention. She recounts a time when her child might have become an abuse statistic but didn’t due to her vigilance as a mother. She thwarted a potential attack upon her son by

  • trusting her instincts
  • talking to her child
  • disregarding stereotypes and
  • being aware of where she was vulnerable

I encourage you to read her post and consider her suggestions for keeping our children safe.

via Not My Child: Protecting My Son from a Sexual Predator | Her View From Home.


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