Why Messiah belongs to Easter and doctors once cut hair

 The King of Glory

Psalm 24:7-10, ERV

 Gates, proudly lift your heads!
Open, ancient doors,
and the glorious King will come in.
Who is the glorious King?
He is the Lord, the powerful soldier.
He is the Lord, the war hero.
 Gates, proudly lift your heads!
Open, ancient doors,
and the glorious King will come in.
Who is the glorious King?
The Lord All-Powerful is the glorious King.
bright light shining through heavy wood doors



Copyright © 2006 by Bible League international

Handel’s masterpiece-Messiah 

Even though Messiah tells the story of Jesus, whose life unfolds in the Bible’s New Testament, many of the lyrics come from the Old Testament, like this passage today from Psalms. Several Isaiah passages referring to Jesus are also songs in Messiah .

We usually associate  Messiah with Christmas, but Handel wrote it to be performed at Easter. For the lyrics, he used  words  from Scripture, choosing passages that tell the story of God sending Jesus to earth to redeem His people.

Framed Art Print ‘A Barber Surgeon Tending a Peasants Foot’ by Isaack Koedijck

Handel’s father, Georg Handel, was a barber-surgeon, a term for physicians in the middle ages who did surgery and cut hair. Surgery was primitive and dangerous due to no anesthesia and no antibiotics to treat infection. Most surgery was done to treat war injuries. 

 Handel’s Messiah -Listen on Apple Music 

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FAITH, HOPE, LOVE in wooden block letters
Faith Hope and Love, graphic from LIGHTSTOCK.COM, affiliate link

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