Gold Star Mother’s Day, Sunday September 27, 2015

via Mansions of the Lord – YouTube.

The American Gold Star Mothers, Inc. is a national not for profit 501(c)3 Veterans Service Organization founded in 1928. The organization’s membership is made up of mothers whose children died while in military service, or died as a result of that service, or are missing in action. The organization serves veterans, military members and their families, and families of the fallen by volunteering their time in veterans hospitals and homes, community based outreach programs, and through fund raising efforts for causes that support our veterans.

For more information about the American Gold Star Mothers, Inc. please visit the website 

Author: Aletha Cress Oglesby, M.D.

As a family physician, I explore the HEART of HEALTH in my work, recreation, community, and through writing. My blog, Watercress Words, informs and inspires us to live in health. I believe we can turn our health challenges into healthy opportunities. When we do, we can share the HEART of health with our families, communities, and the world. Come explore and share with me.

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