Must Read Posts- 2018 Year End Review

The past couple of years I have done a “Top 5 posts of the year” series in December. This year I’m changing it to a year end review of multiple posts. This will include posts that are

  • Reader Favorites-based on views/likes/comments
  • My Favorites– posts that are special to me
  • Personal profiles– posts about specific people who I think you should know and may have missed the first time
  • Book reviews– some of my favorites, and yours too
  • All time best– some of my all time best posts from the archives

I  introduce these posts with a back story-

  • what motivated me to write it,
  • how I researched it,
  • how I felt about readers’ response to it.

I have revised or updated most of the the posts with new information.

To my current followers-

Thank you so much. I appreciate your interest and hope you’ll enjoy re-reading some familiar posts and maybe discover some you missed.

And to my new readers and hopefully future followers, welcome and enjoy reading

watercress words- like watercress -unique, zesty,  and nutritious.watercress leaves on bread


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