Must Read Posts- 2018 Year End Review

The past couple of years I have done a “Top 5 posts of the year” series in December. This year I’m changing it to a year end review of multiple posts. This will include posts that are

  • Reader Favorites-based on views/likes/comments
  • My Favorites– posts that are special to me
  • Personal profiles– posts about specific people who I think you should know and may have missed the first time
  • Book reviews– some of my favorites, and yours too
  • All time best– some of my all time best posts from the archives

I  introduce these posts with a back story-

  • what motivated me to write it,
  • how I researched it,
  • how I felt about readers’ response to it.

I have revised or updated most of the the posts with new information.

To my current followers-

Thank you so much. I appreciate your interest and hope you’ll enjoy re-reading some familiar posts and maybe discover some you missed.

And to my new readers and hopefully future followers, welcome and enjoy reading

watercress words- like watercress -unique, zesty,  and nutritious.watercress leaves on bread


The why of Watercress Words


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “All About Me.”

Watercress Words originates from my name, specifically my maiden name – family of origin name, paternal surname or whatever label you use- which is Cress. It’s an unusual name, and I have met few people with it. I like that it ‘s an actual word in the dictionary- cress is an edible plant, a cruciferous herb, described as having a pungent taste. It’s also known to be nutritious, which fits with my  blog’s health theme.

I chose to use watercress because I love water- lakes, rivers, oceans. I find being near bodies of water soothing, calming, and relaxing, yet stimulating and energizing. Even healing. The human body needs adequate water to survive – about 65% of the body is water.

And I love words! From childhood, I have sought out  books and thrived on reading. I have dabbled in writing all through my life, so starting a blog seemed the next natural step.

So, combining these passions led me to call my blog Watercress Words- like watercress tangy, peppery and pungent. 

Beet and Watercress Salad with Farm Eggs | Williams-Sonoma Taste

Whether you are new to this blog, a frequent guest, or a loyal follower, please check out my new and updated pages- about this blog and about this blogger.

And enjoy a recipe using healthy watercress.

via Beet and Watercress Salad with Farm Eggs | Williams-Sonoma Taste.