May timely topics-memories, memorials, and mothers

May is a month of celebrations and remembrances.

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In the United States, we call the second Sunday in May Mothers’ Day to honor mothers. We may not be one, but we all have one, although like me, yours may be deceased.

You may have pleasant or not so pleasant memories of your mother, as nurturing may not come easily to some women, possibly because they did not receive it. Sometimes when that happens, other women step in to bridge the gap. They deserve to be honored also.

Other events that typically occur in May include proms, graduations, and weddings. I know because I married my husband in May; I almost share an anniversary with the Duchess of Sussex, the former American actress Meghan Markle. And now she and Prince Harry are new parents of a so cute baby boy, Archie. What a sweet family they make.

May timely topics include

  • parenting issues
  • spring and summer health concerns
  • Memorial Day, another U.S. national observance
  • women’s’ health
  • books about mothers

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