Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent in the Christian faith

Christians may give up foods or habits during Lent as a form of fasting; some may find other ways to observe the season

man standing in front of a cross with one arm raised

Lent is the season of the Christian church year from Ash Wednesday to Easter.

To observe Lent some people commit to fasting from certain foods or drink, or giving up certain pleasurable activities or habits during the 40 days before Easter.

Some people choose to do something-a service to others, a meditative or spiritual activity, a repetitive action to remind them of the season.

In this article, Scott Hubbard explains how Protestants first rejected, but now embrace Lent and offers resources on observing Lent in a new way.


Consider the days ahead as an opportunity — as one more path you might walk to focus your scattered attention, warm your heart’s affections, and meet the risen Jesus afresh.

Scott Hubbard
to the cross that the christian is challenged to follow his master. quote Hans Urs Von Balthasar
graphic from, affiliate link

Hans Urs von Balthasar, (1905-1988), Swiss Roman Catholic theologian

Resources to help you observe lent

40 days of decrease

Last year I used this devotional from Alicia Britt Chole ; you may enjoy it too. Here is an affiliate link to the paperback or Kindle versions.

a different kind of hunger; a different kind of fast

sharing the HEART of health

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Dr. Aletha

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