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Considering  disability in Weekend Words

Considering disability in Weekend Words

How do see the disabled? Do you see them at all? #blindness#Jesus#JohnPiper


Weekend Words in song- “The Prayer”

  https://youtu.be/pb8Z_6HVutk     Andrea Bocelli The first time I watched a video of Andrea Bocelli singing, I wondered why his eyes were closed. I did not know that he is blind due to a head  injury at 12 years of age. He showed passion and talent for music from childhood,  performed and competed as … Continue reading Weekend Words in song- “The Prayer”

6 steps to save your sight

  When we think about prevention in health care, we tend to focus on the worst diseases, those that threaten life- cancer, heart attacks, stroke, violence. But non-fatal conditions can also “threaten life”, putting the quality of our lives in danger. Limited vision contributes to severe and significant loss of function and well being. If you … Continue reading 6 steps to save your sight