June Timely Topics- Relaxation, Recreation, and Remembering

Where I live, the school year has ended and summer vacation has started, although summer will not officially arrive for a few more weeks, at least on this side of the equator. The swimming pool in my neighborhood is open, and the days are definitely longer and warmer.

two people dangling their legs into a pool.
Don’t let water related illness spoil your summer fun. photo from stock photo site- Lightstock.com- affiliate link

For June topics we’ll look at summer safety and wellness. We often call winter the cold and flu season, so we could call summer the poison ivy, sunburn, and blister season.

Here in the United States we have several important observances in June. One we share with Europe is June 6, known as D-Day. This was the day in 1944 when Allied troops invaded France to free the country of Nazi occupation and ultimately to end World War II. Every year since we honor the bravery of those who gave their lives that day for the cause of freedom.

We also honor freedom by remembering those who suffered in slavery for too long and the day their emancipation was finally achieved-Juneteenth.

We honor our flag on June 14th, calling it appropriately Flag Day. There is a famous story about our flag, and its connection to our national anthem; we’ll look at that story.

And let’s not forget the day we honor dads, Fathers Day, the 3rd Sunday in June. Many men “father” us in multiple ways, whether our biological father, or an uncle, brother, teacher, coach, or friend. We thank them and make them feel special this day.

a man reading to two young girls, sitting in a woman's lap
Thanks Dads for all you do for us.

Here are links to get you started enjoying the “lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.”

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Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days Of Summer – Nat King Cole (LIVE)

Nat “King” Cole

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